Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What's In My IPHONE?

Hi Ladies,

Today I am going to share with you WHAT'S IN MY PHONE! Yeaayy! Who's excited for this? So basically, this blog post is about my important & my coolest apps that I have in my phone.

Lets get started!

Social media wise, I have couples to share...
This MAIL app is one of the most important thing in my phone. Since mailing nowadays is mostly about business, so I check my email like 5 times a day!

Seriously, who doesn't have facebook these days? Hmm... Well for me, facebook is the place where I can get connected with my old friends or even online shopping!

Tweet tweet tweet! Oh how I love my tweetlanders! But seriously, tweeting is my hobby! Catching up with some news and friends...

Love to take photos or selfies? You can never go wrong with Instagram! Be sure to share your inner photography art passion or just your cute selfie.

Well, well, well... It's getting more exciting! Muahahahaha... Honestly, I have quite a lot cool apps in my phone. I even have to delete some of them :'( but it's okay, I still have plenty to share with you here!
This app is amaziiiiing! If you want to try variants of photo's effect, you'll have it here. You can even change the exposure, saturation, and photo's theme!

Taking and editing video like a pro? Try this cool app yourself and don't blame me if it makes you addicted muahahaha *devil laugh* because I did!

NEW APP ALERT! This cool app allows you to subscribe and join VT's beauty community. You can share your photos, thoughts, or even tricks & tips here. For those of you who is interested with makeup, fashion, and other girl's things, this app is sooo perfect! Not to mention, this app also allows you to shop your fave products! Love it!

Feeling a bit creative? You can make your own video here by collecting your photos! Choose the photos that you want to invert, choose the song, and then BAAAMM! You get your own personalized photo-video!

Those apps that I mention can be downloaded for iOS or ANDROID phone. So, what are you waiting for? Download the apps and enjoy it!

You can share with us your favorite apps by mentioning @VanityTroveID on Twitter, @vanitytroveid on Instagram, or go to www.vanitytrove.co.id! Also don't forget to use #VTCOOLAPPS when you post, so I can search you :)

Have a nice day!