Thursday, 3 April 2014

Look Left And Look Right: Part II

Following up on the last entry on the left and right panel on your VanityTrove newsfeed, we have came back with something better when you look left now!

If you have taken a little tour around VanityTrove, you would have noticed the pretty ladies talking about their favourite brands and products, or simply, just posting their gorgeous faces and stylish outfits with #ootd and #lotd.

When you look to your left, you will realise that on your first section, you'd be able to see the popular people, brands, products and hashtags.

If you have already followed or liked any of those shown to you, you would see a "following" or "liked".

However, if you haven't, simply click on FOLLOW or LIKE to receive the latest updates from these trending ladies, brands, products and hashtags!


Now, with another scroll of your mouse, you'll find yourself looking at the TOP BRANDS and TOP PRODUCTS on

Yes, these are the brands and products that our ladies love the most.
If you simply click on "BRANDS RANKING" and "PRODUCTS RANKING", you'll be able to see the leading brands and products that the VanityTrove community love the most.

If you're trying to find the best eye shadow or foundation, look no more, here's where you should do your research at!

Finally, at the bottom of the left panel, here's where you can see what's on sale at VanityTrove currently.

Under the special sales, you'd see the Exclusive VanityTrove Editions with our partners.
These get snapped up very quickly, so be sure to get your hands on them before they're out of stock!

Under the "Shop" section, you'll be able to purchase our Personalised VanityTrove Box and Surprise VanityTrove Box as well!

So, have fun exploring and we hope you'd love these little additions we've done to your newsfeed!

If you have any suggestions, we are more than pleased to hear from you, simply hit us back at

Till the next time! :)

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