Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Your Profile has gotten a REVAMP

In case you haven't realised we have made some delightful changes to make your space at VanityTrove more personalised and enriching! Since we are all about sharing great moments with the beauty and fashion-loving community, there is nothing more appropriate than to support our members with a display of their photographic posts.

We introduced a Cover Banner!

Once you have more than 10 photo posts uploaded on VanityTrove, the Cover Banner would be formed and your post would be displayed on a random mode, resulting in a beautiful collage like this image above.

For those who are new to the platform, your Cover banner would look somewhat like this. 

But fret not, this will be updated once you got more than 10 posts on your VanityTrove profile, so go on and create your vanity moments on this community! :)

The good stuff doesn't stop there, we go a step further to help you document bits of your vanity moment, check out the all-new "Photos" tab and there you have it, your photos posts on VanityTrove all in a glance!

Want to know what your friends are using to look good?
Check out everyone's Vanity Regime.

You will be surprised to see what skincare, make-up, hair, nails or bath stuff your friends are using, perhaps some of them are using easily available drugstore products instead of extravagant prestige products to maintain a clear complexion! Come on, share your Vanity Regime and show other ladies your secret to perfection. Well, you never know when you will chance upon your next holy grail moisturiser just by browsing others Vanity Regimes!

There are multiple categories available so if there are any category you may have missed out in your regime, simply by clicking "+ Product" button or the yellow "Add new Product" button a the top right of each category. A pop-up message would appear like the one below, simply enter the name of the product you are using to add it to your Vanity Regime!

Lastly, your preferences are  now displayed on the left panel of your profile!

We hope you like these new little touches we have added your space on VanityTrove. Try it out for yourself!
If you have any suggestions, we are more than pleased to hear from you, simply hit us back at

Till the next time! :)

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