Friday, 21 March 2014

Look Left And Look Right: Part I

We've heard you talk about your empty newsfeed and the repeated questions, " WHO CAN I FOLLOW? WHAT CAN I LIKE?!"

To make the VanityTrove experience easier and more enriching, we have came up with two panels - Left and Right.

On your newsfeed page, turn to your LEFT and you get to explore the feed as well to keep yourself updated with the ranking and popularity of People, Brands and Products.

On your RIGHT, you get the suggested like-minded people to follow, suggested hashtags to fill up your feed with all things beautiful, suggested brands and products that you would love to learn more about.

Let's get started with the RIGHT panel today!

By now, you might have realised that the RIGHT panel follows you, wherever you go - When you're browsing your own profile, or when you're browsing someone else's profile!

Have you been fretting over who to follow? Here, we've got some suggested names for you! 

Simply click on ' FOLLOW' to get constant updates from them on your VanityTrove newsfeed.

What is your favourite hashtag?
Is it #FOTD, your daily chummy photo with the love of your life?
Is it about #beauty or your daily nail looks - #notd?

Simply click follow, and get daily updates on the sweetest nail designs or beauty secrets from the VanityTrove community!

Is it Fashion or Beauty that you're interested in? Is it Korean or UK brands that you fancy?

If you can't think of the well-loved brands off your mind to type it in the search bar, we've got you covered.

Go through the list of suggested brands, we're sure that you'll find something you like!

Last but not least, have you been looking for a new product?
Have you been asking around for the best toner but to no avail?
Here, at the last section of your right panel, we suggest products to you based on your beauty profile, so do remember to fill it up :)

**If the suggested list is not your preferred user, hashtag, brands or products to follow, click on the "X" at the top right hand corner of their names and they will be removed from your suggested list!

We hope that the addition of this panel will help fill up your VanityTrove newsfeed with more exciting updates!
If you have any suggestions, we are more than pleased to hear from you, simply hit us back at

Keep a lookout for Part II, where we will introduce you to the LEFT panel!

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