Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Get your content noticed!

Posts on VanityTrove are laid out in a grid style and more often than not, certain posts get neglected.

Here's how you can make your posts more noticed:

1. Share photos of yourself to demonstrate your personal style, community here loves to see unique individual styles. Don't be afraid of being different, this will help boost your personal style influence.

2. Be sure to share good quality photos, 800px x 800px looks great on the quality and also on the homepage screen. Picture collage is good but don't be greedy, collage of 3 pictures should be the limit.

3. Hashtag your looks all the time, tagging your posts right gets you featured in Newsletter and also help others to discover you.

4.Remember to give your post a description.

5. Show love to others in the community, like and comment on anything you see. This spurs others to post more actively but you never know, you may earn some cookie points along the way too.

Try these tips out, they worked for us and I am sure they would work for you!

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