Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Secret To Becoming The Next Trending Influencer

Mentions and hashtags are ways help make your posts more discoverable,and at the same time, build your audience and establish social relationships with friends and grow your followers!

Here's some secrets to becoming the next trending influencer on VanityTrove.com

@ Mentions

Mentioning people is a way to start a conversation with one person, or multiple people, a faster way to interact with someone as compared to searching for them, going to their wall and writing on it. Share your joy or get responses from people by @ mentioning them in your posts!

The people tagged in your posts will receive a notification either on email, or on the top right corner of their VanityTrove page which shows them their latest updates. 

Mentioning brands and products will also make your posts become more discoverable as it will not only appear on your profile, it will also appear in the brands or product news feed.

Posting a photo of your new vibrant look and show your love for your new buys by mentioning the brand and product? 
Don't forget to @mention the product.

This will make your post appear in the brands and product news feed. 
Hence, people who are interested in learning more about a certain brand or product will read what you have to say about it and this increases the exposure of your posts, as well as chances of people following you as well.

Other than mentions, here's the next secret to becoming the next trending influencer.

# Hashtags

Hashtags help in categorizing information, making yourself and your posts more discoverable by connecting with others who have the same interest as you. It a way for you to be part of a chain of conversation, especially so when you're part of the trending hashtags!

The more you hashtag, the more discoverable you are as people search for topics they want to keep track about.

Some of the ladies on VanityTrove have decided to use the hashtag feature to showcase their most beautiful memories through #wanderlust

and also to document their daily beauty experiences by showing off their #lotd ...

or that pretty and goofy #selfie!!

There you go... you now have the secret tips to making yourself and your posts more discoverable, getting more followers, possibly making you the next trending influencer!

Have fun and good luck! 

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