Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Never miss a post on VanityTrove again!

As all you have probably figured out, you’re now able to discover what other women are talking about in the community by assessing your NewsFeed. 

There are 2 ways to assess your News Feed. (See Red Boxes)

1.     Clicking Newsfeed on the Menu Bar

2.    Clicking BeautyTalk

Clicking any of these 2 options will show you a newsfeed of posts created by people in your local country. We’ve extended the capabilities by allowing you to choose if your Newsfeed would like to show (See Blue Box)

1.     Posts in your Local Country only

2.     Posts of Everyone (Currently there are women posting content        (from all over the world)

3.     Posts of people you Follow (Friends on VanityTrove)

Happy discovering and interacting! Don’t forget to contribute your own posts or 
share your favourite posts on to Facebook!

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