Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Secret To Becoming The Next Trending Influencer

Mentions and hashtags are ways help make your posts more discoverable,and at the same time, build your audience and establish social relationships with friends and grow your followers!

Here's some secrets to becoming the next trending influencer on VanityTrove.com

@ Mentions

Mentioning people is a way to start a conversation with one person, or multiple people, a faster way to interact with someone as compared to searching for them, going to their wall and writing on it. Share your joy or get responses from people by @ mentioning them in your posts!

The people tagged in your posts will receive a notification either on email, or on the top right corner of their VanityTrove page which shows them their latest updates. 

Mentioning brands and products will also make your posts become more discoverable as it will not only appear on your profile, it will also appear in the brands or product news feed.

Posting a photo of your new vibrant look and show your love for your new buys by mentioning the brand and product? 
Don't forget to @mention the product.

This will make your post appear in the brands and product news feed. 
Hence, people who are interested in learning more about a certain brand or product will read what you have to say about it and this increases the exposure of your posts, as well as chances of people following you as well.

Other than mentions, here's the next secret to becoming the next trending influencer.

# Hashtags

Hashtags help in categorizing information, making yourself and your posts more discoverable by connecting with others who have the same interest as you. It a way for you to be part of a chain of conversation, especially so when you're part of the trending hashtags!

The more you hashtag, the more discoverable you are as people search for topics they want to keep track about.

Some of the ladies on VanityTrove have decided to use the hashtag feature to showcase their most beautiful memories through #wanderlust

and also to document their daily beauty experiences by showing off their #lotd ...

or that pretty and goofy #selfie!!

There you go... you now have the secret tips to making yourself and your posts more discoverable, getting more followers, possibly making you the next trending influencer!

Have fun and good luck! 

Get notified only on things you care about on VanityTrove!

We’ve been getting quite a lot of requests to enable the adjustment of email notifications from activity happening on your VanityTrove account. We’ve heard you and here’s the step by step instructions!

To adjust your email notifications:

Clickat the top right of your homepage and select Account Info


    2.      In the menu, click Notifications

    3.      Update your preferences regarding the activity you would like to receive        email notifications.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Sharing Links and Photos on VanityTrove

Sharing Photos

Photos are very eye-catching content on the web and mobile, it is definitely a cool way to share beauty information with others, it could be your FOTDs(Face-of-the-Day), LOTDs (Look-of-the-Day), NOTDs (Nail-of-the-Day) or even just inspirations, well, you get the idea. :)

Let’s get you started on some selfie sharing on VanityTrove now!

1) Hit the Beauty Talk button or your profile and you will see a Post box, hover over the Camera button and you will be prompted to Upload Photos.

2) Click on it and you will be brought to your computer’s pictures gallery.
3) Choose the photo(s) you would like to share. Write something to give your photos a story!

4) It’s okay to change your mind now. Hover over the top right corner of each image preview and you may remove the picture by clicking the ‘X’.

5) If you are feeling extra generous that day and would like to share multiple images, go ahead! Your images will automatically being placed into a collage like this when posted.

Let's move on to.. Sharing Links

Ever wanted to show someone how some things can be done in a matter of a few minutes? Words are a great way to express and instruct but sometimes demonstration just does it better than words! It is also so much fun to watch everything in action, instead of having to read. Therefore video sharing is so popular with the beauty community all over the world! We share a lot of make –up tutorials, reviews of products etc in the form of videos.
So here’s how you can share interesting videos on VanityTrove:   

1) Surf the web for the suitable video which interests you.
2) Simply copy the link and paste it onto the Beauty Talk Post box or your profile’s Post box. Include a liner with #hashtags and @mentions of what to expect from the video link to make it more exciting!

3) After that, you should see the preview of the video below.
4) Once you’re done, this is what you will see. If you like what you see, simply click Post to share it with others!

5) Finally, your post should look like this!

How about posting both photos and links?

Now that you have mastered how to do each of the both, why not try to enhance your post with more enriching content by combining the both?

1) Paste the selected link onto the Post Box.
2) Upload the selected picture(s) and write your own caption with #hashtags and even @mention to let your friends know about it!

3) And tadah.. Hit Post button when you are ready!

There you go.. You have an image of a freeze frame of the video as well as the link to the video you would like to share! Don’t forget to #hashtag or even @mention friends or products/brands to help people discover this meaningful post you have made. ( You may read learn more of #hashtag and @mention here

Hopefully this is helping some of you ladies out there to share more actively and to create a voice of your own within this community. There is so much more to beauty than we know. Well, isn’t that the beauty of discovery?

Good luck!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Never miss a post on VanityTrove again!

As all you have probably figured out, you’re now able to discover what other women are talking about in the community by assessing your NewsFeed. 

There are 2 ways to assess your News Feed. (See Red Boxes)

1.     Clicking Newsfeed on the Menu Bar

2.    Clicking BeautyTalk

Clicking any of these 2 options will show you a newsfeed of posts created by people in your local country. We’ve extended the capabilities by allowing you to choose if your Newsfeed would like to show (See Blue Box)

1.     Posts in your Local Country only

2.     Posts of Everyone (Currently there are women posting content        (from all over the world)

3.     Posts of people you Follow (Friends on VanityTrove)

Happy discovering and interacting! Don’t forget to contribute your own posts or 
share your favourite posts on to Facebook!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Welcome to VanityTrove's Official Blog!

Hi! Welcome to VanityTrove’s Official Blog. Here, we’ll be sharing with you the latest news and updates from us as we introduce new features on our site.

The Beauty Community

VanityTrove is a community to discover beauty with people you trust. Often, we found ourselves faced with the problem of choosing from the thousands of cosmetic brands and products that are available in the market.

Your best bet for a trusted source of beauty information? – Probably not the overly enthusiastic 
sales promoter at the counter or a site filled with sponsored product reviews.

We felt the strong need to build a conversational platform that provided real advice, from friends you trust, and from women who simply love and embrace beauty.

So we created the new VanityTrove – The Beauty Community

Building Beauty-Full Conversations

Here, we’ve made it fun and easy for you to capture and share your daily beauty adventures and also to participate in other conversations! Get personal by Following with the women on the platform who’ expertise and style inspire you.

Get the latest updates from your favourite brands and products and read honest reviews by women just like you.

Lastly, update your beauty profile and let VanityTrove recommend you suitable products.

Have Fun Discovering!~~